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Frequently Asked Questions . . .

  • How much do you charge for your programs?

    All programs are $60 per class.

  • What is included in the cost?

    All supplies are included in the cost of the program.

  • How long are the programs?

    Programs are 30 minutes.

  • What ages do your programs appeal to?

    All of the programs are designed for Kindergarten through 3rd grade (5 to 9 year olds.)

  • How big a group do you present to?

    Because these programs are intended to be hands-on, the maximum number of students per program is 25.

  • Do you present to large assemblies?


  • How do I pay you?

    Payment is expected on the day of the field trip. I bring an invoice with me and give it to your bookkeeper.

  • Do you present to birthday parties?


  • Do you offer a summer camp?


  • May I have a copy of your recipes?

    Yes! All of the recipes I make and share with the students and teachers are listed on my Recipes page.

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